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NOTHING BUT NATURE - “Simple, smart & innocent”

Oxygen, and lots of it. Oxygizer® - premium water & oxygen  is enriched with approx. 150 mg pure oxygen per litre. Pure mineral water from "Three Peaks Nature Park" - Conservation Reserve, Italian Dolomites/Italy, non carbonated, sugarfree, low in sodium and high in natural calcium and magnesium, no artificial colours or flavors and a glass bottle from which no oxygen can escape.

Why Water?

Water combines, dissolves, cools, transports, digests and invigorates. Water is the transporter carrying all the essential nutrients to our cells. Water is the thermostat that regulates our body temperature.

"If we consider that before we became human beings, we existed as water, we get closer to finding the answer to the basic question of what a human being is" said Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Why Oxygen?

Did you know that,

  • in many large cities the content of oxygen in the air decreases by smog and ozone pollution?
  • more and more people are suffering from lack of oxygen in large offices?
  • during exercise the necessary oxgyen utilization increases up to 100 %?

Why Oxygizer?

Oxygizer® improves performance measurably during periods of high physical stress and the resulting regeneration phase. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marktl (Head of Science at the Institute of Medical Physiology at Vienna University/2001) and his research team have completed their scientific ergometry tests. Using a randomised double-blind study, these tests have proven the effective influence and effect of Oxygizer® on the body's performance capability.


The Content

Oxygizer®: Natural Mineralwater from the Naturepark Three Peaks / Italian Dolomites / Sexten, enriched with pure oxygen.

Italy - Nonalcoholic Beverage*, This labeling has been checked for transportation suitability and in its form and layout complies with the foodstuff and labeling standard regulations applicable in Italy and the European Union. Label values according to the latest reports.

Science & Health

On the Heart Rate

The key issue with basic stamina training is of the 40 subjects of the experiment using Oxygizer®, all of the had significantly lower pulse rate during periods of highest physical stress levels.

On the CO2 Emission

All test subjects using Oxygizer® breathed out significantly lower carbon dioxide content in the air.

On the Lactate Level

The true measure of Oxygizer's success is when used in endurance sports. Every subject using Oxygizer® had a significantly lower lactate concentration in the blood plama. In other words, anaerobic energy gain means higher oxygen levels in the body and prevents hyperacidity in the muscles occuring quickly.



Oxygizer® contains only 1.2 milligrams of sodium per liter. For this reason Oxygizer is particularly well suited for a low-sodium diet.

Store in a dry place protected from heat. Oxygizer® tastes delicious served chilled.

It's simple: Oxygizer® is produced in non-returnable glass bottles in order to ensure the high oxygen content and our quality standards.

It is best to open an Oxygizer®, drink & then close the bottle again. It is considerably easier for carbonic acid to escape than for the extra oxygen in the water.

24 months from the date of production.

It depends how much the body demands. As an illustration, tennis star Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis drank up to eight bottles during a match at the German Open Berlin in 2001.

Customers tell us that Oxygizer® is a very suitable and natural method of fighting headache.

This particularly healthy rinsing effect is caused by the low sodium content of Oxygizer® and the fast absorption in the gastro-intestinal tract.

No, because the high oxygen content in Oxygizer® degases by 90 % due to the ascorbic acid in the fizzy tablets. A tip for all those Vitamin C fans. Dissolve your tablets in regular water first and the mix it with Oxygizer® :).

Yes, and we’ll let you into the secret open a bottle. Take a big gulp, close the bottle again and shake once. Keep your eyes peeled – you’ll be amazed.

Of course, and this will certainly tickle your taste buds. Apply, orange and lemon flavours are even enhanced by the oxygen.

No, Oxygizer® remains a mineral water enriched with approx. 150 mg pure oxygen per litre.

Yes, the Oxygizer®  glassbottle is a 100 % recyclable bottle.

Absolutely. In fact, it is a very good idea to drink Oxygizer® when pregnant as body oxygen levels are known to drop considerably during pregnancy.

Of course. But Oxygizer® is mineral water enriched with extra oxygen. Normal water contains approximately 3 to 6 mg oxygen per litre. Oxygizer® contains > 150mg oxygen per litre, giving it an oxygen content at least 3000 % more than regular waters.