Nothing But Nature ™
Mineral Water & Oxygen

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Pure Mineral Water from the Three Peaks Naturepark, Conservation Reserve, Sexten Dolomites, Italy, & Oxygen.

  • Low in sodium (Na 1.2mg/l), high in natural calcium & magnesium
  • Non-carbonated
  • No artificial colours or flavors
  • Approx. 150 mg oxygen / litre added
  • Always in glass bottles from which no oxygen can escape
  • Pioneer & Original

And still..."If you want to understand the essence of water - drink it" (Zen words)

Message In A Bottle

A Sip Of Fresh Air

Packaged in award winning stylish glass bottles, innovative, refreshing and effective.

The fizzy look is deceptive. The bubbles are the oxygen shower and the taste is that of a still mineral water.

We combine the two elements into a crystal clear unity and guarantee highest quality.
This is quite unique so "you will never run out of breath”.

Oxygizer, it’s life

Martin Pupp, Oxygizer’s Founder




Award Winner for "Best Product" - Tirolissimo - Austria
Award Winner for "Best Newcomer" - Tirolissimo - Austria


Award Winner in "Innovation" - Spain
Top 100 ideas "Actualidad Economica" together wit Nike, Nokia, Sony,
Porsche, Xerox, Bang & Olufson



Awarded the Bronze Medal for
Best Glass Design - "Glaeserne Kugel" - Austria


Nominated for "Best Glass Design for BottledWaterWorld Design Award"



Gold Medal for "Best Innovative Product 2003, Category Beverages"
Russia (ProdExpo 2003) Moscow


Bronze Medal for "Best Designer Water 2004"
BottledWaterWorld Design Award



Silver Medal for "Best Taste International Natural Mineral Water"
Termotalia, Orense (Vigo) Spain


Natural Mineral Water from the "Three Peaks Nature Park" (Italian Dolomites), non carbonated, low in Sodium (1,2mg/l), high in natural Calcium and Magnesium, oxygen content approx. 150mg/l - "pura vida"